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Connection error

Code Explanation Possible causes
60 An attempt to establish a connection timed out.
  • Port is blocked by firewall or anti-virus program.
  • Wrong IP address.
  • The receiver application isn't running.
  • Both PC and iPhone aren't on the same subnet.
61 An attempt to establish connection was rejected.
  • Port is blocked by firewall or anti-virus program.
  • Connection been shutdown abruptly. (Simply rebooting the PC/Mac should solve the problem.)
    65 No route to host
    • iPhone is using 3G network.
    • WiFi network on iPhone/iPod Touch isn't properly configured.

    Exception in firewall:

    If you receive code 60 or 61, please make sure that the iReceiver is in firewall's exception list. Here are the instructions for different OS:



    Mac OSX:

    Find the IP address:

    On PC: Right click on the small iReceiver icon (seating on the notification area) and select "Status".

    On iPhone/iPod Touch:

    NOTE: The IP address on both of PC and iPhone should look like A.B.C.X  and A.B.C.Y (ie. and if the network mask is