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WiFiRemote is a 8-in-1 wireless remote control for iPhone and iPod Touch. It is the most feature rich wireless remote of its kind.

This program includes:

  1. Three buttons multi-touch touchpad.
  2. Textpad with Chinese handwriting recognition input method support.
  3. Full feature landscape keyboard.
  4. Accelemeter mouse.
  5. Media player/iTunes remote for Windows/Mac.
  6. Media center/QuickTime remote for Windows/Mac.
  7. User configurable keys.
  8. Application launch pad.

Try before you buy! 

You can download the free version of this application, "WiFiRemote Lite", and try it before purchasing this application. 


Key features

  • Touchpad - Includes all typical touch pad functions plus multi-touch support. You can use two finger tap on the screen to perform right click and two finger slide on the screen to perform vertical scrolling.
  • Textpad - Allows you to compose text on your iPhone/iPod Touch before sending to remote PC. This function is also compatible with the Chinese handwriting recognition input method. You may use this program as a wireless Chinese writing pad.
  • Keyboard - Full feature 70 key landscape keyboard. Includes all the keys you need.
  • Mouse - Three buttons accelerometer mouse. Tilt your iPhone/iPod Touch up, down, left, or right to move the mouse in the direction you want it to go.
  • Media remote control - Supports most frequent used keys for WMP11/MCE for Windows and iTunes/QuickTime for Mac.
  • User configurable keys - Includes 18 user configurable keys. Allows you to define your own shortcut keys for the best of your convenience.
  • Application launch pad - Automatically imports the application shortcuts from quick launch toolbar/Dock for Windows/OSX. Allows user to launch favorite application easily. No configuration required.


Other features

  • Easy to use! WiFiRemote automatically searches for the receiver's IP address.
  • Multiple remote PCs support. IP addresses can be stored for later use.
  • Uses WiFi networking to control any PC or laptop within the WiFi network coverage.
  • Includes a magnifying glass function in the receiver application. Small on screen objects can now be easily viewed. Click on the magnifying glass button on Touchpad to enable/disable the magnifying glass.
  • Option to turn off the remote PC/Mac when disconnected. Now you can turn off your PC/Mac remotely by clicking couple of buttons.



  • iPhone or iPod Touch with firmware version 2.2.
  • iPhone 3G has to switch to WiFi mode.
  • Any PC or laptop running WinXP,Vista, Windows 7 or Mac OSX 10.5.
  • Your iPhone/iPod Touch and the receiver PC must be on the same subnet.
  • The receiver application must be downloaded and installed on your PC or Mac.


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